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What's in a name? The CaliCat story!

Business aside the one question everyone asks is 'how did you come up with the name CaliCat Design!?'. Good question!

Over my years in web design (right from my first class, through work experience and starting a business) I've encountered scores of design sites with generic names - invariably containing buzz phrases like 'infotech', 'web solutions' and 'global resources'!

Most of those companies are small businesses trying to appear more professional. I'm not into all that. I keep it simple, no nonense and down to earth - which means I can focus all my efforts on giving clients unparalleled quality.

I want to be a bit more unique, and I want to be judged by my work. Besides you never remember those company names anyway. And I have no intention to float on NASDAQ anytime soon!

The name itself comes from a family pet - a gorgeous tabby cat called Cali!


CaliCat Design Receives Design Award for Saving Paws Animal Rescue Logo Design. Read more here.

Your source for professional, creative, and fun design for the web, print and multimedia

Why CaliCat Design?

Formerly situated in Wisconsin, CaliCat Design is a small, independent design firm with big ideas and a commitment to excellence. In 2010 we upped roots and returned to Dallas, TX where we're currently working on a number of exciting local projects.

The day-to-day work in keeping your business competitive in today's world is demanding enough. Now, add in time needed to market your company... create advertisements... design business cards... build a website. All this to keep up with your competitors and meet the needs of your clients.

CaliCat Design has been working with individuals and businesses throughout the US and further afield for over 5 years, and we use our wealth of experience and skills to meet a range of design and technology needs. No matter what your vision we make it our committed goal to deliver an exceptional, functional and tailored solution. With clients from Tennessee to Scotland, and Iowa to Australia - at CaliCat we apply the same industry-beating standards no matter what.

The Business of Technology and Design

At we are approached frequently by industry peers and students of web design for insight and interviews. Invariably these students and journalists have a sound grasp of the technological basics, but this in isolation, is not enough to achieve success in business. Although many jump to the incorrect conclusion that technology and enterprise are two inherently intertwined subjects, the truth is that they are worlds apart. The skills needed to excel in business are oftentimes radically different to the academic and mental faculties needed to master programming languages, or technical design.

This is a lesson many learn the hard way, and also one we try to impart to the many young designers that write to us. Principally, there are two groups of entrepreneurs that excel in the space between tech and business: 1) independent design firms and 2) venture capitalists and investors. In this article we take a look into the career of a prominent tech VC, Entrepreneur Rick Bolander, and we also take time to study the role of tech scholars turned entrepreneurs within the industry, including ourselves.


CaliCat Design can help! Two examples of our digital work are featured below:


What makes CaliCat Design different
from other design firms?

At CaliCat Design, I believe in forming strong, trusting, one-to-one relationships with ALL of my clients. I am genuinely flexible and versatile too. I treat every client with the same respect, regardless of their budget or needs.

I always go the extra mile, and apply the same commitment to each project I take on. I will work with you to find and develop the best ways to market your business on the web.

I take time to learn about your business and listen to your needs to build a website with the functionality and appearance to fit YOU.

Running your business is challenging enough.
Marketing it shouldn’t be.

But, don't just take MY word for it.
Read what my clients have to say!

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The next edition of Calic@t's award-winning design newsletter will arrive in your inbox in Spring 2011. Stay tuned!

:: CaliCat News
Congratulations to Green Card Wisconsin on their new CaliC@t Design website! View the site here ->

We're delighted to have worked with the Environmental Education Board to launch a great new online resource - See it here ->

Congratulations to MP² Structural Engineering, LLC on their new CaliC@t Design website! View the site here ->

:: Did You Know?
U.S online advertising spending
In 2001: 7.1 billion dollars
– In 2010: 31.3 billion dollars

Number of web users:
In 1999:
196 million users
– In 2010: 1.8 billion users

Number of web pages:
In 1999:
800 million pages
– In 2010: Estimated in excess of 40 billion pages


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